Sealants and Repair

Concrete sealants and repair

Protect and easily repair your concrete surfaces with professional products designed for specialists like you. Every line of products sold by Béton Pro Vision can be used indoors and outdoors, penetrating the concrete for a perfect finish and protection every time!

Our products are ideal if you want your work to come within standards while at the same time giving it a trendy touch. Our specialists can offer guidance and specific advice on how to use the best sealants and protectors on the market.

Products for all kinds of projects

Our sealants and repair products are particularly used for projects which may include renovations as well as residential or commercial work. They are also used for your civil engineering projects.

Main uses of our sealants and repair products:

  • Chemical and damp curing
  • Protecting the concrete’s surface
  • Prolonging the life of the concrete by using densifiers and curing agents
  • Colouring floors with Interstar
  • Filling-in cracks and saw cuts
  • Rejuvenating concrete surfaces
  • Repairing all kinds of concrete structures using our mortars and cements

Concrete and cement hardening agents

Our concrete hardening agents are recommended for surfaces in an industrial setting or subjected to intensive use. The concrete hardening agent is premixed and added on top of the recently placed concrete, giving it longer life than if left untreated.

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