Sawing - Polishing - Grinding

Our products for sawing, grinding and polishing concrete

Finishing is an important stage which determines the aesthetic finish and increased durability of concrete. Sawing, polishing and grinding are often part of the work that concrete specialists have to care for.

The equipment offered by Béton Pro Vision allows you to produce impeccably finished work. Thanks to the most-used tools in the industry, you can saw, level and reduce the look of imperfections often found on concrete works.

Reputable concrete tools

Concrete saws are by far the most used tools in this field. Our saws allow you to make precise cuts at varying depths. Several models are offered to our clients.

Do you need to remove glue, paint or other residue from a concrete floor?
Grinding will allow you to efficiently accomplish this task.

Are you looking for a tool that can polish concrete?
Our polishing machines are the most highly effective on the market! Used properly, a concrete polishing machine will give your customers’ floors an unforgettable shine and finish!

No matter what type of equipment is used, a diamond component is what you need to achieve perfect results. Don’t hesitate to consult the list of products offered in this category.

We’re proud to include these brands in our inventory:

  • Metabo
  • Diamond product (Core Cut)
  • Diamond production
  • Makita
  • Bartell Global
  • Innovatech (Par Bartell Global)
  • Pearls
  • SPE International (Par Bartell Global)
  • Contec (Par Bartell Global)

Our saws, grinders and polishers are offered with an optional diesel, electric or propane motor, based on your needs.

Special benefits

Thanks to our attentive and specialized staff, we have cultivated very good relationships with our suppliers. These relationships allow us to offer you a large selection of varied products while keeping our prices competitive.

What’s more, because we have extensive and rich experience in this field, we’re always ready to provide advice and answer your questions about finishing.

If you’d like a price quote, contact us by email, telephone or in-store.

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